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East Chatham Chargers Football and Cheerleading

East Chatham Chargers Football and Cheerleading


Where is all the general info about the season/ECC organization (like fees, season dates, practices, etc)?

You can find almost everything you are looking for on our About ECC page.

Who is in charge of changing or cancelling practices and/or games? How are we notified of changed or cancelled practices and/or games?

BEFORE PRACTICE OR GAMES BEGIN: In the event of inclement weather, Chatham Parks and Recreation makes decisions on practice field conditions prior to practices and Northwood High School makes decisions on game field conditions prior to home games. In both cases, ECC must wait for their instructions before communicating to our Charger family. We ask that you not send emails and texts to Board Members and/or Coaches asking about games/practices as we will communicate changes or cancellations as soon as we know ONLY via the RainedOut texting service (text ECCHARGERS (football) and/or ECCHEER (cheerleading) to 84483 to opt in). We are very aware that everyone is waiting to find out and will get the information out as soon as we receive it.

ECC makes decisions during practices/home games according to weather conditions. See our Lightning and Thunder Guidelines for more info.

Head coaches may determine that they want to try and make up missed practices. Each coach will be in charge of communicating this to their team. Makeup practices are still subject to Chatham Parks and Rec decisions regarding field conditions.

How do I receive texts from ECC?
We use RainedOut texting service as an important tool in communicating information to our Charger family. To opt in, simply text ECCHARGERS to 84483. The Charger Cheer family can also opt in to receive Cheer texts by texting ECCHEER to 84483. Practice/Game cancellations and changes will ONLY be communicated via text! (the email tool is too difficult to use on a phone and our volunteers are usually at the field when these changes occur)

How do I subscribe to the ECC Calendar?

Use the below web address to access your calendar from other applications on your personal devices. You can copy and paste this into any calendar product that supports the iCal format.

iCal Feed Instructions:

Why is a security deposit required for tackle football equipment?
Our tackle football equipment is quite expensive, and unfortunately, we have had people not return it at the end of the season. We are a non-profit who strives to keep costs low for the community we serve. When equipment is not returned, and people do not pay for it,  which in-turn result in higher registration fees. To protect the organizational finances, and the families who do return their equipment, we require the security deposit so the costs can be recouped from the responsible party.  Security deposits are required to receive your required tackle equipment and is either 1) a credit card number completed on the Equipment Checkout form 2) a check completed and signed for $225 made to East Chatham Youth Football Association or 3) $225 cash - a receipt will be given to you as proof of deposit). WE DO NOT RUN A CREDIT CHARGE, CASH A CHECK, OR USE THE CASH UNLESS THE EQUIPMENT IS NOT RETURNED. W

Why is a Sports Physical required before receiving equipment?
Our insurance policy requires us to follow our state's application of the NFHS (National Federation of State High School Associations) safety rules. In North Carolina, the NCHSSA (North Carolina High School Athletic Association, Inc.)  requires all athletes to have a valid physical on file. As stated here from the NCHSSA Handbook "In order to be eligible for practice or participation in interscholastic athletic contests, a student must receive a medical examination once every 395 days by a physician licensed to practice medicine, nurse practitioner or physician assistant and be cleared to play." ECC requires a valid physical that will not expire during the season be on file prior to receiving equipment due to our constraints as an all volunteer organization where follow up on expired physicals is an undue hardship for people who already give enormous amounts of their time. ECC will attempt to provide access to a $10 Physical events at Equipment Distribution each summer, however THE $10 PHYSICAL EVENT IS NOT GUARANTEED and depends on the availability of a physician and the supplies necessary for the event.  We encourage you to plan ahead for this requirement.

What is QCRFL?
The Quad County Recreational Football League (QCRFL), is a youth football program whose member organizations are comprised solely of public Parks and Recreation supported programs in Randolph, Chatham, Orange, and Wake counties. ECC is a member of the QCRFL. Click here for more information on QCRFL.

What is the Jamboree?
The Jamboree is a day of short football scrimmages (usually 3 for each team, about 15 minutes each, spread throughout the day) hosted by one of the QCRFL member organizations and held prior to the first game of the season. It helps the QCRFL teams and coaches get ready for games and is also a fundraising opportunity for the hosting organization. The host organization can charge admission fees and sell concessions, etc. as a way to make money for their organization, but is also required to organize and pay for all necessary arrangements for the day (referees, volunteers, etc.). The hosting opportunity typically rotates, but member organizations are not required to host. 

When will the schedule for the season be ready?
The schedule is created by QCRFL. ECC does not have any control over when the schedule is distributed or how it is organized. Typically, the schedule for the season is ready by the end of August or first week of September . The first games of the season typically take place the  first weekend of September.

Why don't all our teams play in the same place each week?
QCRFL has a challenging job scheduling the 28+/- teams and makes every effort to create convenient schedules for all the member organizations. However, some teams may not have a team in every age group, and some may have more than 1 team in an age group. This factor, in addition to many other possible factors, means it is not always possible for all the age groups of a team to play in the same location.

What does it mean when you say you have Roster Limits and Wait Lists?
We set roster limits for football for both safety and logistics. The cap for each tackle football team is 28. The cap for the 5/6 flag team is 20. All of this is handled automatically by our web platform when you register. Once the cap is reached, registered players are automatically placed on the wait list for their age group. You will not be charged while on the waiting list. Once/if a spot becomes available you will be notified and can then pay your registration fees.

What is the point of a Wait List?
ECC allows the wait list option so that if 
a team has enough players on their Wait List AND we can get qualified coaches, the Board will consider adding another team. Sometimes registered players will opt not to play, creating an open spot that we will fill from the Wait List.  You will not be charged registration fees while on the wait list and will be notified if a new team is formed or a spot opens up on the team you are waitlisted for.


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